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Dee Ann Waite, The Consequential Element

AUTHOR:    Dee Ann Waite
BOOK TITLE: The Consequential Element
GENRE: Action/Adventure/Thriller
PUBLISHER: Self Published

Please tell us about yourself. - I can tell you what I like to do: spending time with my daughter and grandkids tops the list. I love photography and spend many hours in the Everglades snapping wildlife and scenery. I have a pet photography business, and get some of my greatest joy from animals and the flowers in my garden. My interests are eclectic from baby-anythings (who doesn’t love a baby something – puppy, kitty, baby-baby, elephant, etc) to political issues. In fact, one issue in particular is the cause of my book The Consequential Element. I love wine and chocolate (big surprise there, huh?), and I love tea kettles. I’ll whisper this because I don’t want to offend anyone, but another interest of mine is guns. I like them. I used to be a private investigator and had to carry, therefore I had to know how to shoot. Spending time at the firing range became my way of relaxing – my meditation, if you will.

Please tell us your latest news. – The latest most exciting news for me is my recent release of THE CONSEQUENTIAL ELEMENT. It was a long time coming. I was going to publish via the traditional route, had a contract in hand and all, but chose to self-pub instead. The contract was your standard contract, but I didn’t like what I would have to give up in order to go that route. I mean, three year minimum hand-off of my book rights, making 35%, and having to do approximately 60% of the marketing. Self-publishing allows me to retain 100% rights to my book, about 70% royalties, and I have to do 100% of the marketing but hey, what’s another 40%.

What inspired you to write your first book? I was inspired to write this story after coming across an article about China and rare earth elements. Did you know that China holds 97% of the market on REEs? And that they supply the U.S. with our requirements? Or that they have been slowly decreasing the amounts of REEs that they import to the U.S., thus decreasing our military’s capabilities to operate at 100% efficiency? Many people are not aware. I decided to write a book around this issue to bring it to light, but placed this non-fiction in the center of a fast, action-packed, thriller of fiction. The overall response thus far from my readers has been that many of them have gone on to research the issue and have become more the wiser for it. What can we do about it? Know about it. Be aware.

What are your thoughts about promotion? Promotion is tough, no question. It’s nonstop, from contacting bloggers to host interviews, spreading the word via all your social networks, contacting book stores to arrange signings, joining organizations like the Chambers of Congress for the networking benefits, as well as contacting radio/television stations for interviews; I could go on with so much more. In between all of the promoting, I still have to find time to work my full time job and write my novels. No easy task.

Do you ever have writer’s block? If so, how do you get through it? – I’ve been very fortunate thus far in not ever having suffered from writer’s block. I believe the main reason is that I don’t let my mind focus too much in one area. I’m constantly thinking of the story from so many different perspectives that I always seem to land on one or another and I write it all out. If, after I’ve had a chance to re-read it, it doesn’t fit, then I’ve most likely already thought of an alternative for the scene. Keep your mind moving and you won’t have time to stumble on writer’s block.

What are your current projects? – I’m currently working on my second novel called MISTS OF BAYOU RHYNE. It’s set in the Mississippi bayou and is about a young girl who hears voices in the mists of her bayou, Bayou Rhyne, telling her that her father’s death was no accident. She sets out on an agenda to solve her father’s murder, but proving it was the result of orders from the Mayor proves harder and more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

Tell us about the current book you’re promoting. - The Consequential Element is the story of a young woman by the name of Danielle Montgomery who must make a decision. Settle the rage and hatred that encase her heart by exacting the revenge she’s dreamed of for the past fifteen years, or forgive that which has caused her pain and agony, and robbed her of a normal life. Her uncle disappears deep within the Congo jungle - a place she knows all too well - after a remarkable discovery. She must return to save him, but in doing so she will come face to face with the demon of her dreams. Obasanji; the rebel soldier who murdered her mother and stole Danielle’s soul so many years ago. The handsome Kayden Moreau, a former Special Ops soldier turned mercenary, has been hired to protect her. Only Danielle doesn’t want his protection and fights him every step of the way. Will Danielle learn the secret to free her heart from its black tomb and discover love and happiness, or has her years of hatred doomed her soul forever?

What comes first: the plot or characters? For me, plot comes first. I figure out the sort of story I want my characters to tell, and then I go looking for them. Most of the time they find me. J You’d be surprised how many characters are out there just waiting to get the part in a well-plotted story.

Did your book require a lot of research? If so, what kind? Yes, a great deal of research went into this book. For one, I’ve never been to the Congo, or anywhere else in Africa, yet my readers all believe that I have. It was very tedious researching the minute details that went into this story to make it come to life.

Do writing violent or highly sexual scenes bother you?  Why or why not? Writing violent scenes doesn’t seem to bother me much; in fact I somewhat enjoy it. Violence seems to be a part of everyday life to some degree. Sometimes I feel almost numb to it. Now, highly sexual scenes? Yes, they do. It’s taken me some time to come to terms with things in my past, but let’s just say that Danni (main character) and I aren’t so different.

What was the hardest part of writing your book? Danni’s relationship with Kayden. I wanted to save her from him, yet there were many times where I didn’t have control of the scene. They took it where they wanted it to go – at times against my better judgment. Have you ever heard of a writer arguing with the characters in his head? I do that quite often.

What advice would you give a new writer starting out? My only advice for other writers is not to give up on your dreams. If your dream is to write, do it. But if you’re going to do it, do it to the best of your ability. Learn the craft and become a professional. Don’t put anything out there in the world with your brand on it unless it reflects you in the best possible light. If you choose to indie publish, treat it like you would through a traditional process. Have your work copyedited, proofread, and fine-tuned to the best it can be. Be an author, not just a writer. Only then will your dream come true.

What do you do when you’re not writing? Marketing and promotion. Oh, is that a part of writing? Well, um, I guess… think about writing. J I go to the beach and think about writing, I go shopping and think about writing, I go to the movies and think about writing. I guess I’m hooked on writing.

Describe your writing space. The world. Honestly, I write everywhere. When home, I write in any room I feel like at the moment. Other times I take my laptop to the swamp (Everglades) and write while watching and listening to nature (of course paying close attention to the gators in the area). Sometimes, depending on the scene I’m trying to capture, I’ll drive out late at night and pull up in an alley, or behind a Wal-Mart, or near a pier so I can capture the feel – sights, smells, whether it makes my skin crawl, if I fear for my safety. It really does bring a whole new perspective to the scene.

How can we find you? Website, Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.? – Oh, I’m everywhere. J;;;;; and


Forgiveness: There are those who seek it, those who try to accomplish it, and those who would rather die than consider it.

When DANNI MONTGOMERY - a survivor of a rebel raid on an African village fifteen years earlier – had been rescued from the grips of OBASANJI, the rebel leader of that army, she'd thought she'd lost her soul forever. Now, a new fear lurks within the confines of her world. Danni receives a cryptic letter written by her uncle ROLAND DUPRE, her only living relative, who has mysteriously disappeared somewhere deep within the African Congo.

The letter speaks of a fantastic discovery, one that will change the fate of the troubled United States from China's imminent attack. A rare earth element known as Promethium, the missing element needed for the completion of Viper 6, an unprecedented stealth missile that will shift the position of world leader back to the United States.

Now, Danni is leading a team of mercenaries of her own, led by the charming and all-too-perfect KAYDEN MOREAU, on a journey into the harsh, remote corners of the Congo. A journey where Danni makes a phenomenal discovery of her own. While searching for her uncle and his remarkable find, Danni comes face to face with the demon of her nightmares, and learns he is the only one who can help find her uncle and save her country. Consumed by hatred, Danni must make a choice: in order to secure the safety of her uncle and the fate of the United States, she must decide if she will forgive the man who murdered her mother and changed her life forever, or will her desire for revenge prove stronger than she can bear...

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