Monday, October 7, 2013

Morgan K. Wyatt, Seeking Shelter, plus #giveaway

AUTHOR: Morgan K Wyatt
BOOK TITLE: Seeking Shelter
GENRE: Women’s Fiction
PUBLISHER: Sweet Cravings Publishing
GIVEAWAY:  Morgan will give away three Kindle versions of the book, plus a $10 gift card to Amazon. Please be sure to leave contact information in your comment to be considered in the drawing.

What is your experience working or being around domestic violence?

I was an abused wife who escaped from my ex-husband with the aid of two neighbors and the police.

Why do you feel qualified to write a book on this theme?

I wanted to write this book because people often have the wrong idea about domestic violence that it happens to other people unlike them. When I met my abuser, I was an attractive college graduate with a job and friends.

What gave you the idea for this particular book?

I wanted other women to know that if was possible to make it out of the situation. I wanted them to have realistic expectations and not to expect things to change overnight.

Is this a work of fiction or non-fiction? Why did you choose to write it this way?

It is a work of fiction. I would not put it past my ex-husband to sue for any royalties.

What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

I hope they realize they cannot do it alone and there are people willing to help.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

The hardest part of writing the book is going back, if only in my mind, to a time when I felt utterly helpless.


What is your favorite:

Food? Chocolate
Time of day to write? Morning
Place to write? Office
Season? Summer
Holiday? Valentine’s Day 
Hobby?   Gardening
Song? The Broken Road
TV show?  Grimm
Movie?  Shirley Valentine
Book?   A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Author? Jayne Ann Krentz
Word?   vacation

Megan’s goal of being a loving wife ended the same time her husband, Jason, tried to choke the life out of her. She flees the scene with her young children with the help of the police and her neighbor. Heading back to her home state, she realizes Jason will follow and terrorize anyone who gets between them.
Megan becomes Elaine. She changes her appearance along with her name to escape her vengeful spouse. With the help of new friends at the women’s shelter, she pieces together the broken shards of her life. Megan finds the strength to trust and love again when she meets soft-spoken Kevin. He supports Megan’s transformation from abused wife to confident woman. Life is full of potential with her new place, love and career, but Jason looms like a dark cloud. Unfortunately, Jason is not a big fan of happy endings, especially hers.


Seeking Shelter 2

Her head swiveled, involuntarily checking out the dark head bent over the map. She knew that head. She sewed buttons on that particular blue shirt. Jason!  He was here. Megan froze in place as her eyes scouted for cover. A women’s restroom beckoned as sanctuary. As calmly as she could she walked across the floor, doing her best not to attract attention. She was very good at walking silently. 
In the bathroom, she collapsed against the wall, sliding down to sit on the floor. An elderly woman stepped out of the stall.
“Are you okay?” the woman asked, her concern evident.
“I’m okay, really. Just felt like sitting down,” Megan said as she waved the woman’s helping hands away.
She hoped there was no one else in the restroom. Maybe she was mistaken again. Opening the door a sliver, she peeked out in the direction she saw the man leaning over a map. The man straightened up and reached for a phone book on the table revealing his entire frowning face. It was definitely Jason. That was the expression she saw most of the time.  It was a good bet he was thinking about her. Unfortunately, she’d have to stay trapped in the women restroom until he left
The tile wall was cool against her back as she slid back down. Flipping open the book, she pretended to read while she pondered what to do.  The reference librarian stepped into the bathroom and looked at her askance.
“Um, it makes me feel at home since I usually read in the bathroom,” Megan explained.
“Whatever makes you comfortable,” the librarian replied.
She managed to struggle through the opening chapter as females of varying ages paraded through the facilities. Who knew the library bathroom was so popular? It had to be at least twenty minutes since she entered. It was time to look again. Cracking the door a narrow six inches, she peered out. The coast was clear. Pushing the door slowly open, she slid out with all the furtiveness of a jewel thief.


  1. I remember an episode too, too similar to this - it took me 3000 miles to escape, but he still haunted my dreams! Very similar likes too - chocolate, morning, and Valentine's Day, a belief in love . . .

    Wishing you all the best with your book Morgan!

  2. Hi Yolanda,
    I am glad you are far away and safe. Thanks for your good wishes.

  3. Morgan, kudos to you for being so brave. I admire you for sharing your terrible experience, even in fictional form. I'm sure your story will inspire women in similar situations. Best of luck with sales!

    1. Hi Lyn,
      My hope is to encourage other women to realize they don't have to tolerate abuse. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I'm so happy you got away from him. I watched my mom be abused by my step father for several years before she left him. My real fathers dad use to beat on her too. She finally left them all! She has since passed away. I miss her so much!

  5. Way to go, Morgan!! Through years in the court system, which I consider useless, my youngest daughter (the older ones are through foster care) and I are free of her father. He has no visitation and no rights, now. Sadly, we both called the police numerous times before a judge finally saw the light and said, "hey, this guy might be abusive. His ex has bruises around her neck (this from a pick up exchange in a Chili's parking lot). Freedom is dear . . . and with God's help, the nightmares for both of us have ended and life looks rather beautiful.
    Blessings to you!!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I am so glad you are free. :) As freed people, our job is to encourage others. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Morgan, thank you for sharing your story.

  7. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for commenting. :)

  8. I commend you for writing about domestic abuse. If it helps only one person, you will have made a tremendous change. I practiced family law for over 20 years and the hardest cases involved domestic violence. Tweeted.

  9. Thank you all for stopping to comment. All of your names went into the hat, and Yolanda's name chosen. Congratulations, Yolanda. You will be hearing from Morgan soon.

  10. Morgan, thank you for sharing your story.

    CONGRATS to Yolanda!