Friday, December 27, 2013

Claude Clément, Casse-Noisette

AUTOR:  Claude Clément

Book Title: Casse-Noisette

Seuil Jeunesse

What gave you the idea for this story?

In this case, the book is a classic in the literature, the " Casse-Noisette ", adapted by an excellent author named Claude Clemént, she has among her works: The Painter and the Wild Swans, The Voice of the Wood, Musician from the Darkness, Baba Yaga, and others.

Do you see special challenges to marketing a book with seasonal subjects? If so, which are they?

I do not think so, even more, in this special case it is a book that appears just for Christmas, therefore I think it will be OK and that many children will receive it as a Christmas gift!

How long before December you submitted your editor?

This book was realized early this year and luckily could be published last month, therefore it is already distributed in the libraries in France. It is also distributed in other places of the world and of course, by Amazon and different digital libraries.

How and why did you choose this editor?

In this particular case, the Publisher proposed it to me, he wanted to give a modern vision to the classic that generates a harmony of mystery without coming out from the classic store nor from the fundamental elements of the history, as it is a very beautiful Christmas store and the magic element could not be absent, so there are several visual readings as not to be bored.

What is that makes your book special?

Well, it seems to me that in this book there is a great effort to obtain different stages, also many rhythms in the colours and in the search of the characters. When one decides to illustrate a classic store giving another view, it is complex to see the graphic direction that Hill be given as not not leaving out the history, the balance is fundamental, I think that this would be one of the characteristics that I see in the book, therefore due to all this it is for me a special book.

What does Christmas and/or winter mean for you?

A great joy, how not to be infected with all the universe that brings the Christmas, I think it invites us to meditate conscientiously or not and to give us a view how was the year in our personal life but always with a positive spirit, without any doubt it is a great moment to share.

Which was your favourite Christmas gift?

I should  revert to my memory…I remember a GI JOE war tank for the years eightieth, it was an incredible surprise as it occurs in the pictures, I have seen it in a toy shop and suddenly I saw it when opening the gift parcel, it was magic.

Where could be obtained more information about yourself and your work?

You can se my last Works and news in the blog:

A large format for imaging the famous Tchaikovsky ballet music , danced around the world.

It's Christmas Eve . While other children discover fabulous machines , Clara receives a funny little nutcracker .

That night , unable to fall asleep , the girl got up and returned to the living room it suddenly seems very strange ... And when sounding the stroke of midnight , the room is suddenly invaded by mice . Immediately, the brave little nutcracker brandishes his sword and , while the other toys come alive in turn, took command of his army to battle funny . Victorious, the Nutcracker turns into a beautiful prince who will take Clara in an enchanted kingdom ...

End of the book , a double- page rich in anecdotes reveals the origins of the ballet The Nutcracker as mythical as Giselle , Swan Lake and Coppélia .

An album that plunges us into a dreamlike world with illustrations that draw their inspiration from the surrealist imagination .

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  1. Should be an interesting story, with behind-the-scene stuff about the Nutcracker! Nice interview!