Friday, December 6, 2013

Penny Estelle, The Unwanted Guest, plus #giveaway

AUTHOR:                  Penny Estelle                 
BOOK TITLE:           The Unwanted Christmas Guest
PUBLISHER:             MuseItUp Publishing
WHAT IS IT?               Ebook in any format
HOW IS THE WINNER TO BE CHOSEN?  Penny Estelle will choose
WHO WILL DELIVER THE PRIZE TO WINNER?              Penny Estelle will send it

Tell me a little about your book.

Elizabeth McMurphy is an up and coming high powered attorney and is after vengence, involving one of the richest and most powerful families in Colorado. Steve York is an obnoxious reporter that thinks the ice queen has gone too far and does all he can to get under her skin.

When one of the worst blizzards in history, hits CO and leaves a hurt Steve York, stranded with Elizabeth in a mountain cabin, she must decide to either take care of him, or throw him out to fend for himself.

What gave you the idea for this particular story?

MuseItUp Publishing put out a submission call for holiday themed stories.  I had an inkling of an idea and as like most of my stories, my “great” story idea took a whole new turn, once the characters came to life.

Is there anything in your story based upon a real life event? If so, tell me about it.

One of the players in my story is a two-year-old Downs Syndrome little girl – Katy.  She is a carbon copy of my two-year-old Downs Syndrome granddaughter – Caity!

Do you see special challenges to marketing a book with a seasonal theme?  If so, what are they?

I actually don’t.  My hope is it will be easier to market – It’s the holidays!  Hopefully folks will be looking for stories with Christmas in the title!  Am I delusional?  LOL

How long before December did you submit to your publisher?

I submitted at the end of July.

How and why did you choose this publisher?

I have a middle grade series with MuseItUp.  There are five stories in the Wickware Sagas.  So when the submission call came, I figured I would give it a shot!

What about your book makes it special?

Personally, I have never seen this storyline.  It’s got romance, some heartbreak, a surprise ending, and a secret that must be kept at all costs, even though a happy ending is at stake!

What does Christmas and/or winter mean to you?

To me, Christmas means family, pure and simple. 

Winter???  We live very rural, with only solar and wind, therefore we have a wood burning stove and a space heater.  Though I enjoy going out weekly, trekking up the mountain to find firewood, I don’t like my house smelling like a campfire a few days a week!

What is your favorite Christmas or winter memory?

One year, right after Christmas, my husband and I did a road trip up Highway 1 in CA (which runs along the Pacific Ocean), all the way to San Francisco.  It was a fabulous winter vacation and New Year’s trip!

What was your favorite stocking stuffer?

I do not remember having stockings when we were kids.  I raised my three kids pretty much on my own, so I didn’t have the money for stocking stuffers.  So when I remarried I told my husband that story and he put up stockings and filled mine to the top with pistachio nuts, with a bottle of Red Door buried inside.

Where can people learn more about you and your work?

Thank you Penny for letting me visit on your blog.  I truly appreciate it!

My story, The Unwanted Christmas Guest comes out today and I would like to offer one of your commenters an eBook copy of it in any format they would like!


“What’s going on here? Where the hell are my pants?”
      Elizabeth practically jumped out of her skin. Steve stood in the bedroom doorway, wearing only some tight fitting pink sweats.
“I found you after your car went nose to nose with a tree.” She crossed her arms. “The question is, what were you doing up here in a snowstorm? Were you coming up here to spy on me?”
      “Jesus, my head hurts.” Steve groaned and sat at the kitchen table. “And don’t flatter yourself.” He brought up his hands to rub his eyes and push on his temples. He started to say something when a giggle and a round of undistinguishable sounds caught his attention. Steve stared at the little girl, a whisper of a smile on his pale face. “You have a daughter?”
      She chose to ignore the question. “Again, Mr. York, you were headed…where?”
      “I was going to see some friends in Granby, then on to Steamboat to spend the holidays with my family.”
      “You figured on taking a short cut on Badger Springs Road?”
      “Basically,” he muttered. “I had a phone in my pants pocket…” Steve looked down at the pink sweats. “Yours, I presume?” At her nod, he asked with a smirk, “And you’re the one that took my clothes off?”
      “Junior, my neighbor.”
      “If you’ll allow me to use your phone, I’ll call Triple A and get myself and my car out of your life.” He reached over to Katy and she latched onto his finger, the brightest smile ever illuminating her sweet face.
Elizabeth quickly picked her up, as if he would contaminate her by his touch.  “Phones are out.”
      “How the hell do you live here?” he asked irritably.


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    1. Thanks, Penny. It's my pleasure. Appreciate the birthday wishes :-)

  2. Nice excerpt! And your husband sounds like a sweetie!

  3. I enjoyed reading the Q & A. CONGRATS on your latest release, Penny!