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JoAnne Myers, Loves, Myths, and Monsters, plus #giveaway

AUTHOR: JoAnne Myers
BOOK TITLE: Loves, Myths, and Monsters

GIVEAWAY:  . JoAnne will be awarding two winners each a print copy of my poetry collection, Poems About Live, Love, and Everything in Between, for commenting. Be sure to leave contact information to be considered in the drawing

Please tell us about yourself. 
I have been a long-time resident of southeastern Ohio, and worked in the blue-collar industry most of my life. Besides having several novels under my belt, I canvas paints.

When not busy with hobbies or working outside the home, I spend time with relatives, my dog Jasmine, and volunteer my time within the community. I am a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild, Savvy Authors, Coffee Time Romance, Paranormal Romance Guild, True Romance Studios, National Writers Association, the Hocking Hill's Arts and Craftsmen Association, The Hocking County Historical Society and Museum, and the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center. I believe in family values and following your dreams. My original canvas paintings, can be found at:

Please tell us your latest news. 
My biography true crime anthology Twisted Love, has just been released by Black Rose Writing. It is a collection of true crime cases from Ohio, and surrounding states.

When and why did you begin writing? 
I began writing in the early 1980's. I tried writing for true romance magazines, but they were not interested in my stories.

What inspired you to write your first book? 
It was in my head and I had to get it out and on paper.

What do you do when you’re not writing/editing or thinking about writing/editing? 
I canvas paint. Watch T.V.  Find things around the home to occupy myself with.

What are your thoughts about promotion? 
I feel that the publishing company who buys the book should do the bulk of the promoting. Many now days leave the promotion part up to the author.

Who is your publisher and how did you connect with them? 
I have two publishers. Melange Books and Black Rose Writing. I scoured the internet to find them.

What is your marketing plan?  
To promote weekly on social medias. I guest author for other authors and I have a website.

What are your current projects? 
Getting all 7 of my books in print.

What do you plan for the future? 
More books I hope.

How can we find you?
Website: Books and Paintings by JoAnne

What genre do you write in and why? 
I write fantasy, paranormal, mystery, poetry, and true crime.

Tell us about the current book you’re promoting. 
It is a collection of 11 fantasy tales starring the Mothman, The Chupracabra, Mermaids, reincarnation, time travel, a demonic cellmate, a Quaker love story, werewolves, an Egyptian love curse, and a serial killer family from 1873 and etc.

What gave you the idea for this particular book?  
My love for monster movies.

What comes first: the plot or characters?  
The plot, then I wrap the characters around that.

How did you decide how your characters should look? 
I see them in my mind.

How long does it take to write a book, and what is your process? 
Loves, Myths, and Monsters, took five months. Every story came to me so easily.

What are your current books out right now, and what are the books coming up for release?  
Current books are: Murder Most Foul-a detective/mystery. The Crime of the Century-a biography true crime. Wicked Intentions-7 bone chilling paranormal/mystery tales. Upcoming Releases are: Twisted Love-a biography true crime anthology, and my revised poetry collection, Poems about Life, Love, and Everything in Between, which has a new publisher.

What advice would you give a new writer starting out? 
Never give up. Keep trying.

What seven words would you use to describe yourself? 
Shy, socially awkward, an inner fear of the unknown, loving mother and grandmother, determined, hard working, gracious.

Describe your writing space. 
It is my hobby room. A place that I write, paint, and store my books, painting supplies and finished paintings.

Blurbs for “Loves, Myths, and Monsters”


 Little does 17 year old Zoe, realize, but the Chupracabra followed her to Ohio from South America.  What happens next is a series of chilling mysteries, and unsuspecting friendships and love.


When all game warden Daren Abram, had to worry about was which lucky lady to woo, he comes to the realization that his town is being stalked by the reincarnation of the town’s legend.


For teenage mermaid Constance, coming to the quaint seaside town of Willowick, is heavenly, until she falls for mortal boy Drake. For the town to survive, Constance is forced to choose between her kind and the boy and town she loves.


Apiologist 34-year-old Duncan McPherson goes to Circleville, Ohio, to investigate a series of mysterious bee attacks. What is uncovered proves to be more dark and sinister then anyone imaged.       


Incarcerated in the abandoned Roseville jail, is the last thing rich college student and speeder Brice Conrad, needs. With an “agreement” between the town and a permanent demonic “guest”, only the unfortunate ones know the truth, but do not live to tell.


When an Egypt love curse scroll is stolen from a Dean’s office, persons begin dying in bizarre and grisly ways, with the college’s mascot a Viking King statue jokingly blamed for it.


When young Lycan Sonny Red Blanket, a Shawnee Indian falls for mortal girl Drenda Way, he must save her from his fellow Lycan’s and stop a werewolf uprising.


When 32-year-old Vinton County Sheriff, James “Jim“ Connors, discovers he has a Mothman hunting in his county, he stops at nothing to save his citizens.


Handsome bachelor and Scientist Alex Anderson from the thirtieth century, returns to the Civil War with time serum to save his beloved Ginnie Wade from a snipers bullet, while finding a roller coaster ride of joy and perils.


A seemingly loving family turns out to be serial killers in 1873.


The rough and ready cowboy John Queenie gets the shock of his life, when the ad to break a “wild filly” turns out to be a fiery Quaker girl named Tess. This is a story proving love conquers all.

GENRE: fantasy
PUBLISHER: Melange Books

For the Love of Ginnie

I don’t know why I wanted to save the life of a person I never met. Maybe it was because I was tired of bachelorhood. Maybe it was because I was a chemist and the unusual, and unexplained, fascinated me. Or, maybe, it was because I was obsessed with this twenty-year-old, dark-haired beauty named Mary Virginia “Ginnie” Wade I had read about.

These questions filtered through my mind as I drove to the bar to meet my best friend Will.

Will’s favorite hangout was “The Bling,” originally an old truck stop on State Route 93, in Nelsonville, Ohio. The place became a restaurant/lounge/dance hall and brothel when semis no longer became a necessity for long distance hauling. The invention of the transporter also replaced many other primitive jobs such as mail delivery and travel. “The Bling” was best known for the large flashing lights suggesting scantily clad women in seductive positions above the front entrance, and its “bulldogs,” monster-sized bouncers in Armani suits who patrolled its two-block perimeter, inside and out.
“The Bling,” just another joint with a sleazy atmosphere, like all alcohol-serving establishments, differed only in that it catered exclusively to class “A” clientele. Politely—or maybe not so politely—everyone called it the “Whorehouse for the rich and bored.” Its reputation grew. Its income grew even faster.

I pulled up in front and exited my vintage DeLorian, tossing the keys to the baby-faced valet, by-passed the doorman with no questions asked. Just an exchange of large smiles between us. Will was also part-owner.

As I entered the twenty-four carat gold, electronic doors, Will immediately spotted me and motioned me toward the bar with his diamond embellished hand.

I loved sitting at the bar. It was the perfect place to see the shows. “Two double scotches and water,” Will said, as we shook hands, and I slid into my seat beside him, just as the tall, leggy waitress produced the drinks in an instant.

I immediately recognized the “girl” as one of the latest “do-everything-like-a-wife” robotics. Robot manufacturing had become a booming business since the last war destroyed the immune and reproductive systems in most humans, especially females.

“I don’t know why you waste your time flirting with non-humans,” I said, cautiously sipping my drink. The immense emptiness of not being able to acquire a wife and soul mate, I felt at this age in my life, almost drove me to alcoholism, but my boss and mentor, Doctor Obar Gabry, intervened, saving my life and promising career.

“Because, dear friend,” Will began, “beggars can’t be choosey, and ladies are in scarce supply. Beside, these ‘girls’ are all pink inside.”

Ugh!” I said, gulping down a large swallow of alcohol as if it could wash away my friend’s vile mental picture from my mind.

“Come on, Alex, loosen up. Live a little.” Will motioned to the waitress for another round of drinks. 

“You’re alive, so act like it. Don’t let your beautiful mind go to waste. This world needs people like you. People started treating me like a god once I became an entrepreneur, and I love it.”

I had to laugh. Maybe my self-pity stage had outlived its use. Only I can find a wife for myself. I certainly won’t ask Will to hook me up. His sense of values are as artificial as the women he beds.
The pain and loneliness I felt at times from yearning for a life-long partner and family wasn’t easy to accomplish. Scientific and Medical technology still could not reverse the sterilization effects on the female species.

Sure there were some human women to date. But most were either sterile, too old, too young, or there was just no chemistry between the two of us. I wanted that spark that unites between two people madly in my parents. I never met any couple happier with one another then my beloved parents. That’s the kind of love I want…never ending.

The emptiness and frustration of not finding companionship at times made me want to die. But that was the loneliness talking. I know that now. I love life. I want to live, and I know who I want for a wife. It’s just that meeting her would be a little tricky.

Abruptly, I asked, “What do you think about time travel?”

“Are you serious?” Will asked. “Scientists have tried to conquer time travel for hundreds of years, and failed.”

“Maybe they failed because they weren’t Doctor Gabry and me.”

Will looked at me in awe. “Oh, my god, you’re serious!”

“We discovered something today in the lab,” I said, giving him an arrogant smile. “We believe this is the answer.”

“So who is to be the Guinea pig?”


Silence came from Will, then a gasp. “That could be suicide.”

“Or the biggest discovery of the thirtieth century.”


  1. I admire anyone who can write short stories. My are always so lo-o-ong! No need to enter me in your contest since I don't read poetry. (Yes, I know my bad, but I never got the hang of enjoying it!)

    1. Hi Cheryl, thank you for stopping by and commenting. Thank you.

  2. Interesting interview. Thanks for sharing the book excerpt. I have a hard time writing short stories. I get way too wordy.

    1. Hi Susanne, I am glad you enjoyed my post. I appreciate all comments. If you would like a print poetry book, please send me your mailing address and I will ship it out. Again thank you.