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Kristen Clark, Becoming a Woman of Worth: Creating a More Confident You

AUTHOR: Kristen Clark
BOOK TITLE: Becoming a Woman of Worth: Creating a More Confident You
GENRE: Christian non-fiction
PUBLISHER: American Mutt Press

1.             Are you a full-time writer or part-time, and how do you organize your writing time?  I started writing for the purpose of building credibility as a coach and speaker.  Turns out I’m also pretty good at writing but I am not a full-time writer in the traditional sense of the word.  However, as an entrepreneur I write every day – copy for marketing and promotional materials, guest blog posts, new content for article marketing, not to mention chapters for upcoming books. I’d say writing in general is part of my every day business. 

2.             What do you do when you’re not writing/editing or thinking about writing/editing?  As an entrepreneur, when I’m not writing or editing, I’m marketing and networking.  Writing a book is one thing, but getting people to know, like, and trust me so they’ll purchase my book is another entirely different thing.  That’s where marketing and networking come in, both of which can keep me pretty busy.  In fact, I’d say I spend equal time across all three activities.

3.             What are your thoughts about promotion? Are they a good thing?  Promotion is critical to my success - both on and offline.  I think social media forums are a necessary evil in that they can be hugely effective, but require discipline and a well-defined strategy to be lucrative.  Otherwise, they can be a tremendous distraction.  In fact, I limit my time on social media networks to 30-60 minutes a day, which is easy to do with tools that let me schedule posts in advance.  I also make sure my marketing plan includes online AND offline activities, as both are necessary to connect with my readers.   

4.             Do you ever have writer’s block? If so, how do you get through it? Sure. All writers suffer from writer’s block at one time or another.  It’s natural.  For me, taking a walk, calling a friend to get out of self, or spending a day at the arboretum with my camera helps jump start my creative juices.  Also, getting the blood pumping with some exercise pushes oxygen to the brain and that can stimulate new and creative ideas.

5.             What are your current projects?  I’m wrapping up a new book that explores the psychological attitudes and beliefs that keep women from accomplishing their goals.  It’s based on a four-step system for breaking free from the distorted thinking that holds us back and interferes with our ability to take action.  I’m super excited about this new book; I think it will empower readers in new and compelling ways.

6.             How can we find you? Website, Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.?  You can find me at:,,, and

7.             Any other news you’d like to share?  I’m thrilled to say that my book, “Becoming a Woman of Worth: Creating a More Confident You” received a Gold medal in the prestigious 2014 Readers’ Favorite Intl’ Book Award Contest in the category “Christian Biblical Counseling”.  Not only is winning an award an incredible honor and source of validation as a writer, but it makes for some great Marketing and PR content!


1.     Tell me a little about your book.  Too many women spend too much time listening to the lies of the enemy and too little time receiving the favor and unlimited grace of our Heavenly Father. We belong to a living and righteous God who breathes into us the power to break every stronghold that tries to hold us down. This book provides practical tools and steps to help women break those strongholds by seeing themselves as God sees them in their effort to experience greater personal success. 

2.     What gave you the idea for this particular book? I am an example of someone who overcame low self-esteem and I wrote this book in an effort to help other women do the same.  We are so very capable and yet we struggle against that old “stinkin thinkin” that tells us we’re insufficient and undeserving.  When we begin to align our thoughts about ourselves with God’s thoughts about us, we begin to develop confidence as a spiritual mindset and we begin to see that there isn’t much we can’t do.

3.     What kind of research did you do for this type of book?  I’m a big fan of research and I studied those I consider experts on the topic, including Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, and Beth Moore.  I’m also a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, which provides a wealth of information on the subject.  Additionally, I turned to my own experience and personal journey in understanding my value and worth.  Finally, I relied greatly on prayer and the Bible for direction and guidance about who we are as daughters (and sons) of a King!

4.     Where can people learn more about this topic if they want to pursue it further?  I suggest checking out the Confidence Coalition, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, and the Girl Scout Research Institute; these are also great resources.  And, of course, I have a number of resources available on my website,

5.     Any tips for new writers hoping to write non-fiction?  Don’t ignore the business side of writing and make time to also learn the art of marketing and networking.  Make an investment in your craft by attending workshops, seminars, retreats, and courses.  Write, edit, rewrite.  Finally, don’t let reasonable excuses become real barriers; find the courage to hit the “send” button. You have to submit to be published.


1.     What do you do when you’re not writing?  I like to read, practice my photography, and go for walks outdoors.  I also like to take road trips with my husband; our time together in the car is a great way to untangle from technology and brainstorm on other projects and ideas.  He’s my biggest fan and partner in crime, so doing just about anything with him is fun!

2.Describe your writing space.  I can work just about anywhere as long as I have a laptop.  However, the bulk of my writing is done sitting at my kitchen table where I can observe the birds at the feeder that’s been strategically placed right outside the bay window.  I enjoy having a scenic view to admire as I’m working.  Nature itself can be very inspiring!

BRIEF SYNOPSIS: With Social Media and Selfies taking their toll on self-esteem, ‘Becoming a Woman of Worth: Creating a More Confident You’ inspires women of all ages to change their minds about themselves through a Christian approach to developing confidence for greater personal success. Encompassing straight forward, no nonsense tips and suggestions, this book directs women to the scriptures in an effort to build confidence by seeing themselves as God sees them.

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  1. Thanks, Penny, for this great forum and blog resource. One quick tip for building confidence is to summarize in 30 seconds your personal mission statement or life's purpose. It's amazing how short 30 seconds really is. But even more amazing is how confidence exudes when you are clear about your purpose. Create it. Write it Down. Memorize. And demonstrate your confidence in the process.